Why Japan?

Imformation on the attractive market, Japan

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Tap into the Attractive Market, Japan

3rd Largest Fashion Market in the World

Why not take your first step into Japanese market by exhibiting at FASHION WORLD TOKYO - FACTORY - ?
Japan is "3rd largest" fashion market in the world.
Especially Imported Fashion market in Japan is expanding every year.
Japanese consumers are await for more international brands!

The market size of the imported fashion market kept growing since 2010 to 2015, marking 54.7% of the growth.
One of the main drive of the growth is an increase of consumption of middle and wealthy classes in Japanese market.

The imported total amount is including Raw materials, Yarns, Fabrics, Accessories.
All of these are growing sustainably.

Many Exhibitors Stepped into Japanese Market!

Listen to what the previous exhibitors have to say and feel the huge potential of FASHION WORLD TOKYO!

SINA PRODUCTION S.R.L(France) [Continuous Exhibitor]